All NEW Airpods 2 Clone Review

airpods 2 clone review

They have done it they have officially copied the official Apple earpods w1 chip the physical appearance from the outside to the inside so check this out all you have to do is open the lid and after a second the w1 chip pop-up animation immediately show up on your Apple iPhone and it is ready to go guys so this is the official Apple earpods w1 chip cone that looks 100% like the real Apple earpods from inside out.

Apple earpods clone this time it is the identical exact copy just like the official Apple earpods this one even has the W on chip built-in inside of it and the audio quality of this one is just amazing you cannot even tell the difference between this one and the real Apple earpods there is no difference whatsoever.

The real deal guys this is crazy now on the back you have a picture of the air pods itself here same writing and everything imprinted on both sides crazy crazy crazy however very very impressive now even the boss quality feel exactly the same as the real deal but anyway let’s see what’s inside Wow open very smoothly and right away you are greeted with the design by Apple in California menu Wow guys they got it down to the paper this time guys so instruction inside comes in English and let’s see English and Chinese I believe but yes it’s a air pots right here so you can really buy this and sell it to somebody off the street and nobody will know that this is not the real deal but anyway I have already previously opened this one so when you first open.

I can tell you now if you have never owned a official Apple earpods it will be very very hard for you to distinguish this and the real deal there really is no difference at all whatsoever from the physical look of it guys even on the back of the case it has all the little lettering that say designed by Apple in California assembled in China exactly just like the real Apple earpods and it also have this button on the back again exactly like the real deal.

There’s no other clones on the market that have these little imprinting on the earbuds or on the charging case however this one has it down to the letter guy everything looks identical as you can see right here same size same shape everything you cannot tell the difference and even when you have these in your ear with the audio or music playing you cannot tell the difference because the audio quality is exactly the same as the real Apple earpods.

I was so surprised and shocked when I test this out guys so here they are side by side guys can you tell which one is real and which one is to copy you will have a very hard time doing so because there is no difference if you look at it there is nothing that is different about them they look identical to the mesh grille down here to the dot on the earbuds to the mesh up here everything is exactly the same and everything is identical.

We are going to be doing a speed test to see which one of these will actually connect to our phone faster via the pop-up animation so on this side this is the official real upper-air parts and this one is the clone air past version now we are going to start with the real deal first so here goes guys one two so under two seconds.

Wow under I would say about one second or less let’s try out the real Apple iPod again to see how fast it is one two Wow guys while it’s all I can say guys they have officially done it the connection speed for this one is literally about the same as the real Apple earpods.

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